DJI Inspire 1 Pro

Drone Review: Introducing the DJI Inspire 1 Pro

When it comes to quad-copter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, DJI makes some of the best intermediate and beginner drones. DJI’s UAVs come packed with handy features that are intuitive and require no prior build knowledge, and the Inspire 1 Pro is no exception. The Inspire 1 Pro comes with a new camera system that gives it an edge and props up its price point. Prices for the Inspire 1 Pro typically rage from $4,500 to $6,000. Here is a quick review of the DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone.


The Inspire 1 Pro is white, big in size and has a similar shape to a fighter jet. It comes with retractable carbon fiber arms that rest in a lowered position when it is on the ground. The UAV also comes with a specially designed aerodynamic air-frame and 360-degree shooting that improves its performance. The Inspire 1 Pro also comes ready-to-fly out of the box and includes a radio controller. So no significant assembly is required. Overall, the drone weighs in at 6.5 pounds and is 18 inches wide.



The new camera system on the Inspire 1 Pro is a Micro Four Thirds CMOS sensor that includes 4K image capture; it’s called a 4K MFT camera for short, though it is capable of capturing both 4K and HD video. One of the best attributes of the new camera system is an interchangeable option. This means that drone users have the ability to change the lens on the camera remotely using either the Focus Controller or the DJI Go App.

See for yourself:



The Inspire 1 Pro comes with great capabilities that are impressive, even for higher-end drones. The UAV can fly up to 50 mph and up to 15,000 feet high; it can even fly in sub-zero temperatures. Users also have a choice between two “intelligent flight batteries.” One battery is a 4500mAh unit that allows for 18 minutes of fight time. The other battery, a 5700mAh unit, is larger and allows for 22 minutes of flight time.


DJI’s Inspire 1 Pro comes with other impressive specs, such as the app-based control software that allows for auto-landing and takeoff. There is also a manual mode to control settings like exposure on the camera. Furthermore, the transmitter can be customized to the user. This makes flying the Inspire 1 Pro very comfortable.

Conclusion and Rating

For beginners and intermediate users, the Inspire 1 Pro gets five out of five stars. For more professional users, the drone gets four out of five stars. Even though the Inspire 1 Pro has the word ‘pro’ in its name, it still has some room for improvement for cinematographer professionals; however, it’s still one of the best drones for sale on the market.