How Do I Apply as a Foreign Worker In Canada?

The Canadian workforce is one of the strongest and most diverse structures globally. There are a ton of industries that comprise the overall workforce, each of which has the utmost talent. This has become one of the country’s defining traits, and it can be appealing to workers who live abroad.

Many of those who live elsewhere in the world may choose to one day live and work in Canada as a result. You will have to apply for your work permit to operate as a foreign worker if this may be you. Even though it can be an exciting venture, the process can become quite challenging.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind if you follow through with the procedure.

1. Type of Permit

First and foremost, applying for your work permit may seem rudimentary. You send in your application and wait a while to get approved. However, it first starts with knowing what type of permit you are vying for. There are different types of permits for different circumstances to work in Canada.

For example, work permit programs may exist for those who are business people. Other types of permits for special situations can be applied for as well. Caregivers may try to get their permit approved to care for someone residing in Canada.

Even though foreign workers may try to get a special permit, other types exist for other situations. If you don’t understand the different types of permit, an employment lawyer may walk you through the process step-by-step.

2. Job Offer

One of the first tangible steps to becoming a foreign worker in Canada involves getting an offer of employment first. A Canadian employer must offer you some sort of role in an industry of your choosing. Those who approve your application will want to know where you plan on working after all. Keep your resume up-to-date to stay ahead of the pack!

3. International Student

As mentioned previously, the Canadian workforce is one of the strongest of its kind globally. However, education remains a top draw for those who want to study in Canada. Many international students will then choose to gain an education in the country. At the same time, it is also possible for these students to work as foreign workers.

There are, however, specific rules to know about before applying for the required permit. Depending on the terms of one’s study permit, you may be required to only work several specified hours. Or, if the eligibility requires it, a work permit may not even be needed. Be sure to get acquainted with these terms and conditions well beforehand.

4. Labour Market Impact Assessment

Before sending in your permit application, there are some other important components to know about. Depending on the type of employment offer you receive, you might need a Labour Market Impact Assessment. This will be needed if your employer is requested to get one to prove that the offer of employment is valid and binding.

In essence, if this document turns out to be positive, then there will be no changes to your permit application. After the employer receives this document, the application for the work permit can continue. Although there will seldom be any issues regarding it, it remains an important piece of documentation altogether.

5. ESDC Approval

In the context of evaluating the overall foreign worker permit package, there needs to be some form of verification. Employment and Social Development Canada, or ESDC, is the structural body that conducts this authorization in Canada. This federal department will play a key role, especially regarding specific documentation.

For instance, they will be the ones who go about approving the Labour mentioned above Market Impact Assessment. To verify the foreign worker’s viability, they need to see if the job offer is legitimate. Other areas, such as working conditions and wages, will be considered before the permit is approved.

6. Miscellaneous Considerations

The process of applying as a foreign worker in Canada is so multifaceted and can be quite complex. Every situation will vary from individual to individual. As a result, it is important to consider the outliers, as all considerations will ensure the permit is given. In some occupations, some tests may have to be taken.

Working in certain occupations could necessitate a medical exam before the permit. Be sure to also have all pertinent documentation as current as possible. Your citizenship needs to be sent in, and a temporary resident visa may even be needed. No matter your situation, ensure you reach out to the right authorities for support!