The Top 5 Reasons Your SEO Campaign Isn’t Working

If you have taken your time to implement a good SEO campaign, then it can be frustrating to not get the results that you want. You can fix your campaign by taking the time out to see what you are doing wrong.

There are several things that can go wrong with your search engine optimization campaign.

1. Your Website Is Slow

You should check the speed of your website. If it is too slow, then this could be the reason that your SEO campaign isn’t working.

Large images, conflicting plugins and 404 errors are some of the things that can slow down your website. To help you improve your website speed, visit Toronto SEO for additional resources on their website.

2. Your Blogs Are Too Short

The Google algorithm is always looking for the best content. You will need to posts blogs that are at least 700 words long.

Longer content tends to rank better in the search engines. Your blogs will also need to have the right keywords.

3. You Are Not Posting on Social Media

If you Google any business, then you will probably notice that their social media pages come up before their website does. That is why if you are not active on your social media, then you are missing out. You can keep your followers engaged by posting at least three times a week.

If someone asks you a question about your business, then you will need to respond as quickly as you can. Visit Toronto SEO for additional resources on their website.

4. You Haven’t Had a SEO Audit in A Year

You may not be able to figure out why your SEO campaign isn’t working. That is why it is important to get an audit at least once a year. A professional audit is a cost-effective way to improve your rankings.

5. Your Content Isn’t Scannable

You may have a great blog, but people may not want to read it because of the formatting. You should create blog posts that are easy for someone to scan. Your blog posts should be broken up into small paragraphs. The paragraphs should also have sub titles.

Additionally, you may want to add a video that summarizes the content of the blog post.